You may find your psychic landscape littered with elements that seem out of your control: terrifying creatures, confusing symbols and recurring dreams, nagging coincidences, or some dark thing in the corner of your eye that disappears every time you try to look at it. The universe is vast, but we often carve out small plots where we try to convince ourselves we are content with second best. Intuitive counseling can gently guide your eye to regions you may have forgotten existed outside and inside of you. There are energies out there that are waiting to help you, not only to figure out what you desire most, but to help you obtain it. Strength, courage, confidence, hope, and love are all unlimited resources.

My name is Lucian Lopez and I am an intuitive counselor and life coach. I speak Spanish fluently. I utilize various methods in my craft, including Tarot, visualizations, astral projection, and spellcraft. I welcome all traditions and will honor your spiritual path and sensibilities. My path and philosophy is one of radical empowerment and agency.

My background in magic was largely academic until recently. I received an MA in History and an MA in Theology. I specialized in the history and philosophy of magic and the occult. I quickly realized that studying magic (or religion, for that matter) from an academic perspective was not the same as practicing it, and allowing it to embrace you.